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Convert your existing Sage software to the cloud and get Sage Cloud hosting with ongoing support. B2B are a Sage Authorised partner that offer a monthly Contract to our clients to help you to manage your accounts whilst ensuring that all of your data is safe and secure.

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Sage 50 Payroll Cloud

Have Sage Already? – Want the benefit of the Cloud? If you are looking for Sage 50 Payroll cloud support then B2B are the company that you should be calling. We are a registered partner to Sage and we can provide the very best support for all of our Sage clients on an ongoing basis.

Restore From Backup

As dedicated Sage partners we are equipped to restore your accounts from a scheduled backup should anything happen to your data. We are fully committed to keeping our clients Sage 50 Payroll data safe from any potential disaster leading to potential data loss.

Sage 50 Payroll Support

We at B2B understand your need for somebody to lean on when it comes to problems with your IT setup, especially involving any potential data loss or disaster recovery. That is why B2B have a good reputation as being a leading IT company when it comes to supporting our clients throughout their IT problems.

Sage 50 Payroll Online

One of our priorities is getting to know your industry better because the better we get to now how you function means that we can build a fully bespoke IT support package shaped around your business, including Sage 50 Payroll cloud solutions if the need arises.

Sage 50 Payroll Cloud

The process of running any business includes many important factors that need to be completed so that it can continue to function. Among them, there is a single element that is one of the most important ones and it is the payroll process. This aspect of business operations is crucial for keeping an organisation running and its employee content. However, the payroll can often end up being a daunting system of procedures which can easily get very complex or even begin to cause problems. Fortunately, any company or business organisation can find the ideal ally for the same process and it comes in the form of the Sage 50 Payroll Cloud Software. As a tool specially designed for the organization and control of the payroll procedures, it can provide any business with a series of indispensable benefits. Here are the most important ones that really show how effective the Sage 50 Payroll solution really is.

Full Legislative Compliance

The Sage 50 Payroll platform solution is fully compliant with all the legislative requirements in the UK. This includes the fact that the same solution is HMRC-recognised and always kept up-to-date with the latest pension and payroll legislation’s. Additionally, the solution also provides the possibility of using optional modules for different pension options.

Employee Management

The Sage 50 Payroll creators completely understand that any viable business takes care of their employees first. This is why the solution stores all employee information in completely safe and secure manner, but also manages holidays and custom absences of individual workers. The solution also offers employees online access to their payslips that is active around the clock, which saves money for the company by reducing the workload of the related in-house professionals. This means that thanks to the same platforms, both the employer and the employees can have the full overview of the activities related to the payroll.

Easy and Quick Setup

Unlike many other alternatives, the Sage Payroll platform can be easily set up and active. After only a short installation process, all users, regardless of their knowledge and experience, can begin using this solution. To make things even easier, the platform encompasses both Sage Payments and Sage 50 accounts. For those who encounter any problems during the setup, the solution provides online help, live webinars, video libraries and a growing Sage business community. For direct support, the users can utilise live chat, telephone support, and email as a means of getting in touch with the Sage experts.

Effective Payments

Sage 50 Payroll, along with the Sage Payments, are able to pay out the employees directly from the same software platform. This way, the payments can be completely hassle-free for even the most complex payrolls out there. The payments will not only be precise and on time, but the software can also calculate wages and complete customisable wage deductions. On the other hand, it can provide the business owners and managers with the insight into their payroll functioning and an access to viable information that can be used to further enhance their operations.

With all of these benefits, there is no doubt that the Sage 50 Payroll is the ideal solution for any business organisation that wants to attain a great payroll management platform.