B2B offer affordable network installation services throughout the North West. Call 0333 366 0077 today for a FREE quote. We are professional indoor and outdoor wifi, wireless and wired LAN, voice, data and network security specialists for all types of industry.

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B2B Support It provides IT solutions all under the same roof. Don't scatter your IT requirements throughout various companies, have one go-to company for IT services & support.


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Business Networks

B2B Support It engineers have decades of experience between them in business network installation. This includes all Ethernet, wireless, Wi-Fi, fibre-optic networks that is suited to your business. B2B do everything in their power to make your business network run as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Business Network Installation
Wireless Network Installation

Wireless Networks

With the B2B wireless network option you can rest assured that we will be delivering you a better network structure for your business. With an improved level of collaboration and much greater response times more and more businesses are now turning to wireless networks for their business as they become more and more reliable.

Network Printers

It becomes more and more of a problem as your company grows, so does the number of connections to your network printer. As more and more connections are made there tends to be printer queue spooling blockages. B2B Support It can help you to connect to your network via remote access as a part of our continuing network support service.

Network Printer Installation
Network Security Solutions

Network Security

B2B Support It makes sure that all of your IT & data systems are safe and secure by making sure that all of our clients network security is the most advanced and up-to-date software on the market. There are more and more threats emerging as the world evolves into the technological era and it is vital that your company uses the best available resources that B2B can offer.

Small businesses are relying on their IT more and more every day

At B2B we work proactively to ensure that all of your IT technologies are operational and up to date in a constantly changing digital world. We pride ourselves on our bespoke-built networks, which are designed and implemented to fit in with the unique requirements of your business.

B2B has a no-nonsense attitude to tech solutions. We’ll talk you through the network-building process in jargon-free language and ensure that your new network is tailored to suit your needs, giving you the peace of mind to continue to grow your business.

We have a variety of options, including but not limited to:

  • A complete wireless network solution for full flexibility amongst your team
  • Wired networking, ideal for office-based static workplaces
  • Multisite connectivity: great for larger business which manage multiple premises, multisite connectivity is great for sharing information and resources across multiple sites.

A computer network that fits your business needs

Our team of fully qualified expert B2B software engineers will guide you through the entire process, from the initial idea to the finished product including full training for your staff. We undertake all aspects of network creation, from custom-built servers and PCs to network printing, cabling, internet and email access, and that all-important security and virus protection.