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Advantages & Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud online storage is a tiny piece of a big picture known as cloud computing. Cloud online storage simply offers a place to store your data online off your site, using a third party vendor. With an internet connection and a remote database you will be able to access your data never having to worry about your own disk space or backup. Virtual storage offers many benefits, with the most notable being that there are not limitations on the amount of data you are able to store. You will not have to spend any money on extra drives for backup and you also won’t have to concern yourself with moving data from one location to the next.

Advantages Of Cloud Storage


When compared with traditional data storage devices, cloud storage is very cost effective. Instead of starting to estimate the amount of storage space that you require to store your files and how much it will cost, you only have to pay for the space your files will take. Cloud storage off-site backup allows you to pay only for the storage space you use. In addition, backing up lost data is very expensive and time-consuming. But these online cloud services make backing up very quick and affordable. Therefore, you will not have to stop working waiting for your data to be backed up. Instead, it will be done instantly and you will continue working like nothing happened.


Cloud storage allows you to share your files with anybody you want. You can share the files by allowing the people to access your cloud storage directly or by giving them a link through which they can access the files. The size of data that can be shared is unlimited, whether it is a single file or a whole folder full of documents.


Cloud storage allows you to retrieve your data anywhere provided you can access the internet. Therefore, whether you are on your computer or mobile device, you will access your files in an easy and hassle free manner.


Losing data or files is a common occurrence and it is very disappointing. Imagine working for hours on a file and losing it instantly due to unavoidable situation. This is quite discouraging, frustrating and derails one’s work. However, cloud storage backup can save you from all these messes. Backups which are obtained from the originals are securely kept just in case you lose your files indefinitely. This means that your data is fully protected and you can recover it whenever you lose it unknowingly. The system’s backup software backups your data automatically.


Cloud storage has unlimited storage capacity and allows you to store as much information as you wish. Whether your data is in megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes, etc. it can be easily stored.


Cloud storage ensures total security in different ways. First, your data is not physically available. This means that there are no risks of someone stealing your data the way it is always the case for external storage devices or hard drives. Second, your data is stored confidentially and it is only you who allows the people to access it.