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Cloud Services Provider Sheffield

More and more companies in Sheffield these days choose to upgrade their systems to the newest possible options. Cloud service is becoming more and more popular with the users. Connected via the Internet from a server provided by cloud computing it eliminates the need for servers located on company’s premises. It offers access to resources and services all located on cloud servers and accessible from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the same server.

It meets the needs of users by supplying all the hardware and software you need, so it will decrease company’s costs in the IT department. All maintenance is done by the server maintenance team and your company doesn’t have to worry about a thing. Having Cloud Service makes it easier for your company to share and store data in a safe way. It is easy to then access as needed.

Are cloud services right for your Sheffield based business?

Choosing a reliable Cloud Service provider is crucial. There are several different business services offered including different Microsoft software and Cloud Phone options. However, suitability is strictly up to you. Some of the software and services offered by Cloud computing specialists include:

  • Remote Desktop Infrastructure (RDI) & Hosted Desktop
  • Online Backup in case of blackouts
  • Hosted VolP
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure

You might be paying a lot of money for some of the software, but having it all under one roof will definitely save you money in that aspect as well.

Backup and Storage

Many Sheffield based businesses deal with sensitive data which should be stored in a manner that suits the business. It could be a disaster if any of the data was lost or stolen. Therefore, having a secure space for it to be stored is crucial.

Documents can be easily stored in the Cloud and you can work on any of them, afterward saving them directly there as well. Microsoft works well with cloud and this will guarantee zero to none safety risks. Emails can be important and sensitive too. If you use Cloud for Emails, there is no need for a separate Email server in your business itself. You can access it from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection, and they can be password protected.

Storing your data online not only means it is safe from prying eyes, but it also means you can work from home or while you’re traveling.

Do I need cloud services?

Small business owners in Sheffield who move from place to place quite often enjoy working with the cloud, because it gives them the time and geographic flexibility no other system does. If you have a small to medium business and you want a solution for all your IT troubles — this will certainly decrease a headache that normally comes with any IT work.

Check with your internet provider, because the only way you can access Cloud and the files you have stores is if you have a stable internet connection. However, sometimes it can be a good excuse to take a break from work because of no internet — no work, right?
Look into all the options offered by the B2B Smarter Cloud Services for Sheffield businesses and give it a go.