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Cloud Services Middlesbrough

Cloud is an invisible computing service that involves databases, software, storage, services, and servers that can be accessed through the Internet. Cloud computing is the accessing and storing of data over the internet instead of using local storage such as hard drives or local servers. This information is readily available as long as you have an internet connection to connect to the cloud.

What Cloud Services do you offer to businesses in Middlesbrough?

We offer cloud services such as:

  • Storing of large amounts of data.
  • Retrieval of stored data (data backup & data restore).
  • Big data analytics.
  • Backup storage system. You can recover lost data using the backup storage system.
  • Allows testing and developing of projects.
  • Video and audio streaming.
  • Host blogs and websites.
  • Data analysis for easy prediction especially for businesses.

Cloud Services Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It is cost effective and cuts hardware and software update expenses. Purchasing local hardware that has a large storage space for your data can be very expensive. Cloud services offer you unlimited storage space at affordable rates.
  • Helps you to keep up with technology demands: Technology advances at a rapid rate and we need to always keep up with the very best, therefore using cloud services allows you to grow alongside technological advances. Demands are unpredictable and sometimes costly if you are not using the cloud services.
  • Less worry of losing data: Cloud services allow you to store great volumes of data in the backup system. You can easily retrieve such data. Also, the data is safely stored and is not available to unauthorized users.
  • It is environmentally friendly: Cloud computing reduces demand on paper work hence reduce carbon footprint. You can share information with other without using paperwork. This makes it more reliable and convenient for you.
  • Has an unlimited bandwidth: Stores large amounts of data without running out of space. You can store as much data and information as you would love to.
  • It is easily accessible: As long as you have the internet, you can access cloud services at any place in the world.

Will cloud services help my business?

Cloud services will definitely help your business because it will save the cost of buying software and storage hardware. It will boost the flexibility of your business because of cloud service accessibility. It improves the collaboration among different businesses, and you can easily monitor, manage and evaluate the growth of your business through data analytics available in cloud services.

What are my cloud services options?

You have a wide range of cloud services options because cloud computing has a lot of benefits. Also, there are many cloud service providers that have different services and varying charges. The demand for cloud services is growing and so are cloud service providers growing.

More cloud service information

Since there are many cloud service providers, it is important for you to do your homework well. Find out information like charges, availability, and reliability of the cloud service before signing up. You can enquire from experts and fellow business partners as well as check online reviews.

Cloud services are beneficial to both small and large business enterprises. If you have not yet moved to cloud services, it is now time. Move your business to cloud and start enjoying the unlimited benefits. Call B2B Smarter today on 0333 366 0077 for a free quote.