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Cloud Computing Company Liverpool

What are cloud services?

A cloud service is when a company offers a service which is accessible via the Internet. Services such as SaaS or PaaS can be accessed by users ‘on-demand’ from devices all over the world as long as they have an Internet connection. It is a service which would benefit our Liverpool based clients.

What cloud services do we offer to Liverpool businesses?

Platform as a service

Platform as a Service allows you to manage, develop and run applications without having to first build the infrastructure to run them on. It is a cloud computing model that will deliver your applications over the Internet to your offices in Liverpool. Your applications are hosted on a third party infrastructure which means that it frees companies up from having to install them to in-house hardware such as a local server.

Software as a service

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a service that allows you to access the cloud (the Internet) to run hosted applications and software. The advantage of this is that all of your data is secure if your SaaS provider is using the latest security measures and maintain daily scheduled backups to prevent data loss from happening.

Cloud services advantages


Generally, cloud services have benefits to basically all types of businesses. Below are various advantages associated with cloud computing integration into your business.

  • Usability – You can drag and drop files from one local folder to a cloud hosted folder and back again with ease, allowing the sharing of data and documents much easier than ever before.
  • Disaster Recovery – Most cloud based applications have regular scheduled backup plans in place minimising the risk of disastrous data loss.
  • Accessibility – All data and applications can be accessed from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet signal, allowing you to work-on-the-go or to keep an eye on things whilst you are taking a break.

To put it quite simply, cloud services are fast becoming the new way of life on the Internet. It is estimated that soon there will be at least 90% of Liverpool businesses using some sort of cloud based service. This is because cloud computing services increase efficiency and offer a lot of benefits to a Liverpool based business.

These are just a few advantages that are enough to convince companies across the world that cloud computing is the future and that it can effectively help them to manage and run their business with less stress.

Will cloud services help my Liverpool business?

If you find yourself repeatedly asking yourself this question then the answer is yes. Cloud computing technology allows your staff to have access to IT resources without the worry of upgrade and maintenance expenses.

What are my cloud services options?

There are quite a few cloud services that are made available to you. There are SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), and others are Business Process (BPaaS), Integration Platform (IPaaS), Management (MaaS), Storage (STaaS), Information (IaaS), Security (SECaaS), Testing (TaaS) and Database (DBaaS) as a Service. Depending on your company needs each of these cloud services are made available at a discounted rate by B2B Smarter to all businesses in Liverpool.

All you need to do is ring 0333 366 0077 today to find out how B2B Smarter can introduce you to the different types of cloud based services that will benefit your business. Cloud based services are reliable and will help you to run your business on a daily basis, reducing your costs of local IT equipment and maintenance.