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Cloud Services Bournemouth

With increasing demand of online presence in Bournemouth and a complete shift to information technology, companies are moving towards a new technology referred to as “Cloud Services”. At one end, cloud computing has brought promising benefits for a lot of Bournemouth firms and on the other, it has created a lot of confusion. There are businesses which know about cloud computing but are not entirely clear about the concept which make it difficult for them to utilise the technology to the fullest. Here are few FAQs that would help you know about cloud services in a broad aspect.

What are cloud services?

The services offered on demand via internet to any Bournemouth based firm are referred as cloud services. In simple terms, whatever IT requirement your business has, it can be served through companies providing cloud services. Cloud services in Bournemouth make it convenient for you to manage your application, data, information and much more with minimal or no involvement. In short, you are not required to maintain infrastructure or man power to manage your IT needs. Cloud computing companies in Bournemouth will do that on your behalf.

What cloud services do we offer?

There are three main categories of cloud services that we offer. laas (Infrastructure as a service) to offer virialised computing resources on demand via internet. Saas (software as a service) to offer software licencing through hosted services and PaaS to make the platform available to you for developing, running and managing the applications without worrying about the space and other requirement.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cloud services in Bournemouth?

There has been quite a lot of debate about the advantages and disadvantages. While some feel the features are a great boon, others find it restrictive. For example, cloud services help with bandwidth. However, there are companies that provide limited bandwidth and if the limit ends, the additional cost become expensive. Similarly, accessibility is the main reason why people go for cloud computing as it makes files accessible from anywhere. But, accessibility is dependent on internet connection and will not work at all if
internet is not available.

Data recovery can be made easy through cloud services. However, there are concerns of hosting confidential data on cloud servers to avoid problems between rival companies. Hence, it is up to you. The gain that you want to have through cloud services can help you understand the usability of this service.

Will cloud services help my Bournemouth business?

There is no doubt that it will. Cloud services are there to ease your business execution. For example, if you have a website and you want to host it at your server, you need to have the infrastructure to do so. In addition, you will need a maintenance team, space, servers and a lot more pre-requisites. This will get you into unnecessary spending. You can save a lot by using cloud services.

What are my cloud services option?

As stated above, you can use laaS, SaaS and PaaS services through cloud services. What applications can I run on cloud services?
You can run anything on the cloud services and it will work efficiently. However, that idea can become a little bit tricky sometimes. If you use disk fragmentation application, you would know that there is no use of putting that application on cloud. You would like it to be dedicated to your system with no latency. There are other compliance issues that restrict some personal customer’s data to be put on cloud servers.

Can these applications be shifted from one cloud to another?

It would not be impossible but would not be easy as well. Companies will have to follow a standardized technology to make the movement of data and application from one cloud to another to maintain true interoperability.

ls my information secure with cloud services in Bournemouth?

We offer the best backup service for cloud and we use the very latest in security software to make sure that your data is safe and secure.

These are few basic questions that would help you in understanding the importance of cloud computing and how they can utilise these services to grow their business. These services can also help in saving a lot of money. So, ask our experts to guide you through your customized plans for higher benefit by calling us today on 0333 366 0077 today!