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Cloud Service Providers Birmingham

A cloud is a platform over which computing services can be delivered to a client via the internet. Such services include data storage, servers hosting, networking, software hosting, analytics and much more. IT-based Companies offering these resources usually charge based for this service on how much an individual or a firm uses the space provided on the cloud. The service is usually offered on demand meaning that clients can access them when they want and shut off when they don’t need them. This reduces the capital expenditure they would have used to build an IT infrastructure from scratch and makes it easily available over the internet.

Cloud Services advantages and disadvantages

Using cloud services for your business has several advantages, including:

  • Cost Efficient – By using a cloud service a company is able to cut down the cost of acquiring an IT infrastructure upfront. Costs of software that require multiple user licensing are cut down. Its pay-on-demand option also means that you only pay for the services you need when you need them and nothing more. You can discontinue the service at anytime at no extra cost to the company.
  • Huge Storage Space – Clouds provide an almost unlimited space for storage of your data. You can always increase you storage limit anytime you want at a fraction of the cost. Backup and Accessibility: In case of a disaster your business files and data will be safe and can be easily retrieved from the cloud’s emergency backup. Company files can also be accessed from anywhere via
    the internet.
  • Auto Software Integration – It is easy to integrate just the software you need with for your company over the cloud and does not need customization or you can do it with ease by choosing just software applications that suit your business.
  • On the flipside, cloud services come with their fair share of disadvantages, including downtime, which is the worst – One of the worst features of using cloud service for you business in having to stop your business every time there is a downtime in the system or internet. And no provider is immune from this.
  • Hacking Threat – Like any other information connected to the internet there is always a threat the hackers could gain access to sensitive business files and data hosted on a cloud. A good cloud service provider should be able to minimize this threat and keep hackers at bay.
    Limited control – Depending on the service you are using over the cloud, your provider policies and EULAs could limit what you can do on their cloud.

Will cloud Services help my business?

Using cloud services will definitely be beneficial to your company. It can mean a lot when it comes to making your services flexible and reducing the cost of running your business. For starters it will change your IT cost from being a capital expenditure to an operational one that is easier to manage. Collaboration amongst you team will also be made easier as they can access and share vital company files from anywhere. And the list goes on.

Cloud service has offered a whole new world to businesses, both small and big. It immense capabilities have evened out the playing field and made large corporation as flexible as small ones. On the other hand, small enterprises now have a way of accessing the same level of technology that was previously a preserve of the multinationals. Having your business on cloud will definitely have more upsides than downsides and will improve your customer relationship even more.