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What is Cloud Networking?

Cloud Networking basically describes the access of networking resources by use of Wide Area Network (WAN) or Internet-based access technology provided for by a centralized third party. It eliminates the need for computer infrastructure as Cloud Networking enables a business to have computer resources as a utility.

What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Networking?

Advantages of cloud networking

Unlimited storage

In the cloud storage capacity is almost limitless, there is no need to worry about increasing storage or the storage space.

Backup and recovery

Backing up and recovering data is relatively easy now with cloud networking as compared to storing information on a physical device. Recovery services, on the other hand, are provided by most companies offering private cloud services.


Cloud networking it is much cheaper to use and maintain compared to the traditional use of software that Cloud networking it is much cheaper to use and maintain compared to the traditional use of software’s that are more expensive in terms of cost. A business can also choose to pay for only the workload and resources used.

Elasticity for Businesses

If a business wishes to increase its capacity and scale up or scale down due to a decrease in demand the cloud can facilitate this seamlessly.

Disadvantages of cloud networking

Technical Issues

In spite of keeping high standards of maintenance, the system can still experience some serious dysfunction. This technology is always prone to outages among other technical problems. To be logged onto the server at all times you need a good internet connection, in the case of connectivity or network issue you will be logged out of the servers. It is sometimes inevitable to run into this problem.

Prone to Attacks

As you are well aware the internet is not completely secure, storing your information on the cloud makes you vulnerable to hacking threats and attacks.

Will Cloud Networking help my Business?

Cloud computing would help a business in the sense that with business files stored in the cloud can be accessed at any time, any place and using any device. Therefore, collaboration is made easier because the business owner can track and manage individual progress.

Back office operation can be integrated, for example, human resource to accounting to marketing. This business’ cloud is integrated with various cloud-based providers enabling the entrepreneur to spend more time in operating his business.

What are my cloud networking options?

Public Cloud services

The public cloud provides its services over the internet using third party providers. It is the most common deployment method used by businesses because of its cost-effectiveness, a wide range of variety of infrastructure and its services.

Private Cloud Services

It is most favoured by firms that seek flexibility in optimization and customization of the product to its specific needs. A business that utilizes the private cloud option has autonomy in system performance and management of security.

Community Cloud Services

Community hosting targets companies that coexist in a large industry, this means they have similar company requirements and therefore they can share services.

Hybrid Cloud Services

Hybrid cloud services seek to take advantage of the security and service management of the private cloud option and the common costs of the public cloud option. Thus it is an integration of the two.

More Cloud Networking Information

Whereas Cloud computing could only share computer resources cloud networking includes the sharing of both networks and computer resources without the need for computer infrastructure. Cloud Networking brings large distributed wireless LAN’s that are managed centrally in the cloud.

The Cloud technology is a great asset to any business however it has its advantages and disadvantages hence should be secured and maintained because it can be harmful if not properly used.