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Cloud Helpdesk

What is cloud Helpdesk?

Cloud helpdesk is a software that manages tickets for companies. It tracks and records all customer
requests and quick helpdesk solutions. This makes it easy for your organisation to quickly address customers
issues. In most cases, the solutions are automated which simplifies communication between the company and
the customers. It is quick and reliable because it uses the cloud storage system that is not affected by
overloading during peak hours and has the ability to handle the helpdesk job seamlessly.

Cloud Helpdesk Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It is a proactive system. Cloud helpdesk helps customers to handle issues on their own because it has a
    good knowledge on the frequently asked questions (FAQs). Given the choice of waiting for a customer care
    agent or using the helpdesk system to solve a problem, many people would go for the helpdesk option.
  • Will smoothly manage the customer care software and servers for you. This helpdesk uses the cloud
    technology that has unlimited backup storage space of relevant information. You will not need to manually
    keep watch over this software because it can automatically manage different tickets.
  • It is reliable. Cloud helpdesk ticketing is almost 100% accurate and provides instant solutions to
    customers throughout the year. You can use this system on your phone, laptop, or tablet.
  • It is cost effective to the company. To ensure that manual handling of tickets is efficient and fast, a
    company would probably need to employ more customer care personnel. This means that the company will
    spend more money on salaries. For cloud helpdesk service, the company will only need to pay the IT person.


  • Your cloud service provider might be lagging behind. Some cloud software providers are not effective
    enough to keep up with the speed and the needs of customers. Therefore, you need to carefully choose your
    cloud hosting service provider.
  • Security challenges. People may fear that cloud stored information could be accessed by anyone,
    especially when not using private cloud systems.

Will Cloud Helpdesk help my Business?

Cloud helpdesk will help your business because it addresses knowledge management, problem-solving,
accessibility and service catalogue which are the main business concerns.

Knowledge management helps in reducing time spent in solving similar problems. FAQs are easily solved
since cloud system stores information. This makes it easier for your business to solve problems. Also, the
cloud help desk provides customers with service catalogue that has pricing records of business services and

More Cloud Helpdesk Information

When choosing Cloud Helpdesk Service you need to look at the cost of the service provider, ticket
management features, customer support, and reliability of the service provider.

Cloud helpdesk service advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore you should consider integrating
it with your customer service systems. Both large and small businesses need the cloud helpdesk service
system and it can be provided by B2B Smarter with ongoing support. Just call today on 0333 366 0077.