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What are cloud emails?

Simply put, cloud emails are emails that are hosted on remote servers rather than internal business servers.

What are the advantages of cloud emails?

Eliminates server maintenance

Cloud-based email is a great solution for businesses as it eliminates the need to upgrade, install add-ons, or patch software. Server maintenance can be quite expensive hence causing financial strain in a business.

Convenient access

Cloud-based email can be accessed from anywhere, using any device and anytime with an internet connection. Moreover, the cloud is on and accessible all the time. This feature helps to increase the productivity of workers.

Unlimited storage

Cloud email has no storage space limits. The cloud service provider scales up storage capacity as the volume of a business’s documents grows.

Easy email recovery

Unlike internal email servers which put a business’s records at risk in the event of hardware malfunction, cloud email stores & records on remote servers, meaning a business’s records are easily recoverable even with hardware malfunction.

What are some of the disadvantages of cloud emails?


Sometimes, a cloud server may be overwhelmed due to various reasons resulting in technical outages. This can interfere with a business’s operations.


Storing emails in cloud servers may not fully guarantee privacy and security of a business’s data. Being a third-party service provider, they may have loopholes that put information at risk of being accessed by unauthorized parties. Cloud emails can only be accessed with an internet connection. Therefore without a reliable connection, a business will be unable to access any of their emails from the cloud servers.

Will cloud emails help my business?

Businesses that are not using cloud emails are obviously missing a great tool that could boost their productivity. The following are the top benefits of cloud email for businesses.


Cloud email hosting is ideal for businesses with fluctuating bandwidth demands. A cloud service provider can scale their cloud capacity depending on demand. This kind of flexibility gives a business a real advantage over competitors.


Cloud email allows a business team to access, edit and share documents anytime, from anywhere. This greatly improves workflow in an organization. The team can make updates in real time and do more as a team in a better way.

Save money

lnternal email servers require consistent upgrading and maintenance which can be costly. Cloud email eliminates hardware costs and a business pays through on a pay-as-you-go basis. This helps businesses to save money.

Business continuity

lnternal servers are prone to malfunctioning hence causing a standstill in a business. With cloud emails, chances of crashes are very low. Cloud-based servers know how important it is to keep customer’s emails available round-the-clock.

Less operational issues

Adopting a cloud email solution greatly curbs the defects that are common in internal email systems. This ensures a business continues to operate as normal and no time is spent on addressing defects.

What are my cloud Emails options?

There are many cloud Emails options. The most common ones include; DropBox, iCloud, Amazon Cloud, Apple iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, FlipDrive and much more. Cloud-based email options offer great scalability and flexibility than server-based email. Some of the common cloud email services include; Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and Gmail.

Cloud email is one tool that every modern business will have to utilize to achieve success. Cloud emails eliminate the many drawbacks of traditional server-based email systems. Cloud-based email provides a reliable, always-on work environment that allows businesses to simply focus on daily operations.