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Data is the new currency of business

Cloud computing is the process of storing and accessing programs and data over the internet. The cloud is another name used in place of the internet. The companies that provide these services are referred to as cloud providers. These companies usually charge for cloud computing services based on the client’s usage. This is similar to the way electricity and water companies bill you. Behind the scenes, cloud computing makes it possible for people to edit documents, send emails, listen to music, watch Television and store files and pictures. Cloud computing is barely a decade old but is being embraced by government agencies, large corporations and small and medium enterprises all over the world.

Advantages of cloud computing

Cost Efficient

Soft wares that were traditionally used to store data are very expensive as they require licenses for multiple users. This can be very expensive for organisation. Cloud computing makes it possible for people to store data at a much cheaper price. It has various payment plans such as pay as you go and one time payments. This reduces the company’s IT expenses drastically.

Storage space is almost unlimited

When you store your data on the cloud, you do not have to worry about running out of space to store your information as the space is almost unlimited.

Easier Backup and Recovery

Data that is stored in the cloud is easier to back up and restore as compared to data that is stored in physical devices. Cloud providers are also more experienced in the process of recovery and back up of data. Therefore the entire process of data recovery and back up is simplified.

Gives Easy Access to Information

Once you store data in the cloud and are registered, you are able to access that data wherever an internet connection is available. This gives you convenience and enables you to move beyond barriers that may come as a result of zone, time or geographical locations.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Technical Issues

Cloud computing runs into serious technical issues that come as a result of outages and poor internet connections. To be logged onto the cloud, you need to ensure that you have a high speed internet connection. If not you may get stuck as a result of connectivity and network problems.

Cloud Security

Storing your data in the cloud means that you will be sharing some of the most sensitive information concerning your company with a third party. Therefore you need to make sure that the provider you select is reliable and discreet who will keep the company’s information secure.

Will cloud computing help my business?

Cloud computing will improve your business in that it enables staff to access data on the go. Therefore whether they are travelling, in a meeting, at home or in the field, they are able to access this data, complete and submit their own tasks in real time. This improves the productivity of a business. This seamless collaboration between staff can save the company a lot of money.

What are my cloud computing options?

Some of the cloud computing options available are the public cloud, the private cloud, the hybrid cloud and the community cloud.

Cloud computing has proven to be an asset to most companies. It however needs to be understood and used properly. Before using it, you need to weigh in on the advantages and disadvantages and do some research on the best cloud providers in the market that will give your business the best services.