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What is cloud backup?

Cloud backup is the service that offers remote maintenance, management, and storage of data. The service allows users to back up files online, such that they are able to access their stored data from any location using the internet. As per recent research conducted on more than eight hundred firms across UK, benefiting from competitive advantage through cloud backup has somewhat doubled over the past few years.

Actually, the public cloud storage services market is expected to exceed two hundred and forty four million dollars in the USA next year.

Cloud Backup Advantages And Disadvantages


  • Usability — Almost all cloud backup services reviewed in this topic have got desktop folders for PC’s and Mac’s. This enables users to just drag and drop files between their local storage and cloud storage.
  • Bandwidth — You can easily send a web link to recipients instead of emailing large files to individuals thus, save time.
  • Accessibility — Cloud backed up files can be accessed and utilised from any place using the internet.
  • Disaster Recovery — It is advisable that firms should create emergency backup plans just in case of an emergency. Cloud backup can be used to as a precautionary plan, such that it stores a copy of every important file. These files are then stored at a remote location, so they can still be accessed even if the source computer is damaged.
  • Cost Savings — Firms can now minimise their annual operating costs by using cloud backup. Cloud storage costs averagely three cents per gigabyte to back up data internally. Users can acknowledge extra cost savings since cloud backup does not necessarily require any internal power to keep data remotely.


  • Usability — Users should be careful when utilising the drag and drop approach. This can permanently delete files from their original folders. The copy and paste method is a bit safer.
  • Bandwidth — Most cloud backup services offer specified bandwidth allowance. Additional charges are usually incurred if the firm storage needs surpasses the given allowance. All the same, some services have got no limitation on bandwidth.
  • Software — If you’d like to manipulate your data locally using multiple devices, you will need to download the service software on all the devices. Besides, there is inconvenience because without internet connection you cannot access data backed up in cloud.

Will Cloud Backup Help My Business

There are various ways in which cloud backup can help your business. Some of these ways are as highlighted below:

  • There is easy transfer of data from one point to another within the firm.
  • Data that is backed up in cloud is very much secure since passwords are constantly requested before access is granted.
  • Users can easily access their stored data from any place so long as they’ve got connection to the internet.

What Are My Cloud Accounting Options?

Online backup services work just like traditional backup software. However, with online backup services, your vital data is transferred through the internet and stored on a server in a much professional data center. The advantage with having your data backed up online, away from your office or home, is that it is kept safe from local disasters such as theft and fire.

You surely should consider backing up your files online. This way you will be sure of accessibility, convenience, flexibility, security, and you may be able to save some extra cash.