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What is cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting is a digital way of storing information. It is much similar to self-install, on-premises, and other traditional accounting software. The only difference is that cloud storage software is usually hosted on remote external servers, which is similar to the Software as a Service (Saas) business model. Normally, information is transferred to the ‘cloud’ where it’s instantly processed then returned to the user.

Cloud accounting advantages and disadvantages


  • Accessibility – Cloud computing software users enjoy the ability to access their stored data from any point provided they’ve got internet connection. This gives them the opportunity to work from anywhere. Sharing of data is also made simple. Users just need relevant passwords and appropriate access rights. As a result, the hitch of having to email large files or tediously share data via flash drive is perfectly solved.
  • Security – Just like traditional accounting software, cloud accounting typically delivers a secure way of storing data. To some extent it is more secure. Actually, remote external servers offer robust security protocols. Basically, it is more difficult to hack a server than to steal a computer with its spreadsheets of data. Besides, users must provide exact login information before they access data in cloud storage.
  • Bandwidth – This term actually describes to the amount of information that can be transferred from one point to another in a given time frame. When using cloud computing large files emailing is rare. You only need to refer colleague to the cloud orjust send a link. As a result, cloud accounting favors bandwidth.


  • Internet limitations – Cloud storage is limited to internet connection. Well, there are times and places where internet access is not possible. This condition may bring in some sort of inconvenience.
  • lt’s not perfect for classified data – The fact that cloud computing software has top security does not mean that they are invincible. Servers like Dropbox at some point suffered the hackers’ effect.
  • Bandwidth limitations – Some cloud storage software have got bandwidth allowances and thresholds. If your data transfer exceeds these thresholds, you may incur extra charges. Also, the software’s slower speeds are somewhat frustrating.

Will cloud accounting help my business

There are numerous ways in which cloud storage can benefit you business. This includes:

  • Easy access to your business’ data provided you have got internet connection.
  • Secure data storage especially if you pick best passwords and logins combinations.
  • It facilitates quick, one-click sharing of even classified data within the business.

What are my cloud accounting options?

For best cloud storage options, you need to consider the setting of your business. Whether it is big or small? Whether your type of data is confidential or not? Above all, the cost incurred. Some of the best cloud storage options may include:

Adopting the cloud-based data storage system creates numerous opportunities for integration. No matter how small your business may be, you can still take advantage of the specialised services that work together with back-office operations. This will give you enough time to focus on critical areas of business. Cloud accounting can provide your business with significant savings. For beginners, cloud-based data storage may fully use hardware. Virtualization perks up the value of external server software. This means businesses are able to do more with less.

More than 37% of businesses based in the UK have already adopted this method of storage. Cloud computing is actually redefining the way firms in UK do business. You definitely should consider migrating to cloud computing.